Plasmid makes it easy to take advantage of storage browsers provide for our web applications today.

Building offline first web apps is a breeze with Plasmid.js, the javascript library that makes the complicated details of IndexedDB under the hood and makes it easy to build, utilize, and manage your browser-side databases.

But, users don't live on one device and the web thrives online. That's why Plasmid was built from the ground up to support synroncizing these databases with the Plasmid Sync server.


Plasmid.js makes working with browser-side storage easy. It eases the effort in working with the IndexedDB API across different browsers and devices.

You don't need our backend to take advantage of how easy Plasmid.js makes offline-first web development.

Plasmid Sync

Plasmid Sync runs on your server and manages the updates from all the devices your users load your app on. It is not a backend data server, but only serves to syncronize the data between these devices, while the application continues to work completely on the device.

Together, Plasmid.js and Plasmid Sync make building amazing, data-rich web applications effortless. The pair are ideal for building web apps and web-based installed applications. You can target all major platforms and users can enjoy their data at their fingertips wherever they are.

Download and try Plasmid today!

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